As I said - I was in Belgium. I went there to meet with Silke, and other ppl that I've met 2years ago on student exchange. I made that painting for Silke, she's 20 but still loves Winnie the Pooh ;D We had really great time together! Hours of laugh, great fun. Minigolf, bowling, amusement park...

and shopping

For a long time I was looking for nice, gold watch, and I found best watch ever! Panther, diamonds and gold... That's so me :) Shoes, are so so so comfortable and look good to short and long pants. Dresses from H&M, hope I wont find them in Poland soon ;) And I♥Antwerpen T-Shirt which is such a nice souvenir from a place which you really adore:)

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  1. nice blog!!! :D
    yes I'm 20 and I still love Winnie the pooh!! :D
    I see u spend a long time on making the painting!! :D but I really love it!!! :D
    I never could do stuff like that!! :(
    nice pictures!! :D

  2. lov lov lov evollove :*